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Purim Katan: distinctive features of the Jewish holiday

2019-03-19 22:38:31

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This year we will congratulate each other twice on the occasion of Purim's joyful celebration, because, besides the traditional Jewish holiday Purim Gadol, actual or "big" Purim, we will celebrate Purim Katan which means "little" Purim.

How can believers avoid distorted attitudes towards Israel and distortions in the Jewish ministry?

2019-03-12 10:00:00

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Is there a danger of «too much» love Israel and the Jewish people in the context of the Jewish ministry? How can believers avoid distorted attitudes toward Israel and distortions in the Jewish ministry? The Senior Rabbi of KJMC Boris Grisenko comments: 

What is love?

2019-03-05 10:00:00

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The Bible says that love "is the bond of perfection" (Col. 3:14, NKJV). Love is an alliance of all perfections: perfect kindness and power, perfect and holy God's authority, perfect joy, boldness, truth, freedom, and victory. All these kind of perfections enveloped into His amazing love. Love is not one of God's attributes. Love is not simply one of the traits of His character. Love is not a particular activity. Love is God Himself, the Holy God of Israel. Love is Him! 

Messianic youth from Kiev united at “fruit platform”

Summer is a wonderful fruit-bearing season indulging us with assorted tasty fresh fruits and vegetables. A new creative youth project for bearing good fruits entitled “Good Fruit” ripened this summer in Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation! And now every boy and girl of our Congregation may become a “good fruit” on a God’s branch by standing united in doing all kinds of good things.


“Good Fruit” is a union of KJMC youth ministries. This is the project where young people can share their experience and ideas, develop together, help each other and of course hang out together.” – shared the ideological inspirers of the project, KJMC ministers. – “We think that the youth can be and must be fruitful in ministry. That is why we decided to create the platform where we (all youth ministries of the Congregation) can undertake mutual projects for young people. It will help to achieve a greater unity among KJMC youth and therefore a greater fruit. Our desire is for both: the ones who are in some ministry and those who did not come up with a ministry yet to be easier and more interesting to develop, find new forms of ministry, and grow in God.”

The primary goals for the new youth project to achieve are as follow: assistance in building up and motivating new youth ministers; mutual help in youth ministries (which are many in the Congregation); assistance in achievement of organizational and creative skills of the youth, as well as building and maintenance of friendly relations with the youth from other churches by carrying out mutual interesting activities.

The main idea of “Good Fruit” was both explained and presented at the creative fruit party organized by KJMC.  The Fruit party in keeping with the best traditions of the Hawaiian parties cheered everyone with tasty food, worship dances to live music and joyful fellowship. As the party coincided with Friday night -Erev Shabbat, together they lit the Shabbat candles with prayer and welcomed Shabbat.

The next “Fruit meetings” are already planned to be held in the beginning of autumn: a party in a new format, as well as a big youth forum for sharing experience, praying and fellowship. Stay tuned!

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