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2018-07-16 11:48:00

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We can pray to simply bless Israel and the Jewish people. But, most likely, our prayers would be much more effective if we understood what God really wants from His people and expects from Israel today. Should we pray for peace in Israel? Yes, we should. The Bible says it clearly, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Psalm 122:6 NKJV). When we read "pray for the peace”, we understand it in the narrow sense, but the original definition is "shalom". Shalom means not only peace but also integrity, unity, harmony, fullness.

You are invited to the Spring KJMC Prayer Retreat (19.08 - 24.08.18)!

2018-07-16 09:00:00

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The Prayer Retreat organized by Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) will be held August 19-24, 2018 at Pushcha-Vodytsia near Kiev.


2018-06-29 10:47:00

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Every human on the Earth is individual in his thinking and self-consciousness. Each human is peculiar to have his own point of view, to make plans, to create living conditions around him, to choose a life view that he thinks is right and to build reasoning, approving one or another way of life. It is human nature to learn the world with all its laws and mysteries and to use them.

Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation holds an International Messianic Jewish Pastors Retreat

International Messianic Jewish Pastors retreat - the meeting for spiritual leaders set in the unique format - starts on November 3rd at town of Radomyshl, Zhitomyr Province.


Pastors retreat is a special service for rabbis, pastors and their assistants, heads of ministries and missions. Here they share their experience, discuss new ways of development of ministries in friendly atmosphere, and immerse into the Jewish Messianic theme.

Pastors retreat will be held for the sixth time. It is a combination of quiet prayer time, fellowship, and discussion of topical and relevant issues in a narrow circle of experienced ministers of God. Pastors and bishops from Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and perhaps other countries will gather on November 3-7.

Among the guests and speakers of the retreat are:

  • Alexander Degtiarenko, the Bishop of the Zhitomyr Center of the Union of Christian evangelical churches of Ukraine, pastor of Covenant of Jesus Christ Church (Zhitomir, Ukraine);
  • Valery Grigorash, the Bishop of Ukrainian association of churches House of Bread (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine);
  • Anatoliy Glukhovsky, Lausanne representative for Eurasia;
  • a group of church leaders of Christians of Evangelical Faith and Christian center "Rebecca" (Poland);
  • a group of ministers of Charity Christian Center from Slovakia
  • and others.

The elders of KJMC and other congregations / churches as well as rabbi of Kiev Messianic Congregation Boris Grisenko will conduct discussions and share their experience of ministry.

The topics that are discussed at the retreats are always relevant and practical, that include Q and A part. Here are some of the topics for this retreat:

- Jewish and Christian legalism;

- Special promises to Jerusalem and Israel;

- Extremes of counseling;

- Outreach issues: development of clubs.

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