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Elul. What every Jew should do? (Part I)

2019-09-09 09:00:00

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Elul is the 12th month of Biblical calendar that lasts for 29 days and corresponds to August-September of the Gregorian calendar. The name of the month originates from Aramaic “ve-elilu” – which means “to probe, contemplate, or analyze”. This biblical month precedes the fall biblical feasts. The first of these feasts is Rosh ha Shana (Jewish New Year, that is known in the Scripture as Yom Teruah – or remembrance of the trumpet sound), when according to the tradition, God judges all He’s created.

Elul. What every Jew should do? (Part II)

2019-09-09 09:00:00

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Elul is a charitable time, the time of special opportunities to show love to people. On these days it’s important to meet the financial needs our loved ones’ (and that of others). According to Hebrew tradition: when we are concerned with our material status – we’re being material, but when we focus our attention on the needs of other people – it’s the manifestation of our spirituality.

Only in God, we are real

2019-08-14 00:13:37

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That’s what a wise rabbi once said. At the moment I heard these words I didn't fully understand them. But now I know what they mean because I’m going through it in my own life. Only with God, I’ve begun to recognize myself as a real me. Not like my parents, teachers or friends wanted me to be. But me personally, the way I was conceived and created by my Creator. Not to be as a spitting image of anybody, but exactly myself.

Strong men do not cry, they pray!

This is a story about how Kostya together with Yeshua overcame “cancer”.

A bad weather raged over the night Kiev. Wet to the skin people were trying to squeeze into buses. A driver’s radio was loudly playing the story about high palm trees and sunny shores, though it sounded so weird at such a rainy time. Looking at the full bus, Kostya sighed with relief, because he needed to get off at the last stop. He looked through tear-stained windows and fell into memories of the past, six months ago his life got divided by a line and now it consisted of “before” and “after”

He was about to run to the night club. A night city was bright with gaudy lights, attracting people with its mysterious life. There stood many young people near the entrance, foul language and laughter broke silence of the sleeping city. Night and dawn promised to be unpredictable. A guy stopped near the entrance, threw his unfinished cigarette and dived into the other world called party. Music loudly played in a big hall. It hit a glass door, which was protected by a guard. The face of this big guy was not lightened by rays of intellect and his jaw reminded a jaw of a bulldog. Modern light systems could not manage a cigarette smoke, so it made a big grey cloud under the ceiling. Projectors lit it with different colors and reflections from the glass ball faded in the cigarette smoke. Girls and guys rhythmically moved in response to music. Their dancing bodies reminded tentacles of a big octopus. Moving with the music Kostya approached couple young girls. He did not notice how he has become a part of this terrible octopus. Girls attractively smiled and their movements got more revealing. Then he moved to the bar to get a drink.

- Vodka and tomato juice, please. Kostya hardly opened his eyes and saw a big white room.

- Please, give me water, – he was moaning. Nurse came.

- You are not allowed to drink – she watered a bandage and put it on his dry lips.

- More, more, – asked Kostya.

He was laid in the military hospital where he was operated before, doctors removed his thyroid gland. He slowly recovered.

- Now you can start a brand new life, – said his father, sitting down on a bed. Kostya looked at his father, who achieved a lot by his own efforts, Kostya was thinking that it would be really good to start everything from the very beginning. Just couple months ago he considered that happy person is somebody having got a lot of money. But it is impossible to buy health, friends or peace. He felt lonely and miserable. His “faithful” friends were with him only at good times, when he had money, but now, when he was in such a horrible state, nobody even remembered him!

Time passed by, Kostya still did not keep his promise to start a new life. After hospital his life returned to its previous way, girls, clubs, drinking, his life rolled down, moreover a strange rash broke out his hands… No, I have to quit everything and move to Kiev, my friends were always inviting me there, I will get a lot of money, will buy a car, apartment, and maybe happiness, – thought a na?ve guy. But everything seemed to go against his dream, run out of money, no place to live, allergy, later even eczema, then he was diagnosed by skin cancer. How will he live? What about dreams, if you have such a serious disease?

- Hello, who is this?

- Hello, I heard you lease an apartment?

Morning usually started in the same way. In the bathroom one could hear running water, in the kitchen hissed a noisy kettle, and a quiet reading was heard from the other room: «BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM, AND IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK; FOR IN SO DOING YOU WILL HEAP BURNING COALS ON HIS HEAD. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good…”.

His roommates in apartment appeared to be believers. Once, Kostya took Gospel in his hands still covered with ulcers and started his journey into the country of healing, Love and Mercy. He did not understand a lot, but he kept reading continuing his journey. He felt that he faced something that could not be left on the side of the soul, could not be hidden in the drawer like a forgotten sheet of paper. Yeshua died. He did not just show us a good moral. He died for those very sins people did. Then He resurrected. Kostya could not comprehend the whole meaning of it, but he clearly realized that he could not live the same life anymore. Yeshua seemed to appeal to him right from the pages of Holy Bible asking him, “will you choose to follow Me or you will keep moving your way?” Kostya has chosen the first one.

Day by day, the Word of a Living God became more real than his disease, more real than fears concerning future, which was almost lost. Life loomed up again! A new life, so bright and full of colors! It could come just from the hands of God! This life was poured in his heart healing him, healing his soul and then his body! Cancer stepped back! Kostya examined his hands with amusement. There was no a track of disease left. His skin was cleansed and wounds disappeared. Future, like a rainbow, brought him hope! I will live! I will live! I have God! And God has me!

- Young man, are you getting off? It’s already a last stop! A lady pulled Kostya’s shoulder, bringing him back from the overwhelming memories.

- Yes, yes, sure. Thank you.

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