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Let's think about it on Pesah...

2019-04-16 11:22:36

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The Pesah holiday is referred to as "z'man heruteinu", "the time of our freedom". And that's exactly how it was: almost all of our people became the people of liberated slaves. But it must be remembered that many Egyptians, who were not slaves in Egypt, joined them.

Such Illogical Anti-Semitism

2019-04-08 11:07:00

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It is useless to prove to the anti-Semites that they are wrong. Listen to what Haman said (this is an image of all accusations against the Jews): "... There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples..." (Esth. 3:8) He accuses the Jews that they are not gathered in one place, they do not live separately, they are scattered among other nations. So if the Jews were gathered in one place, would Haman calmed down?

Run away from self-pity!

2019-03-27 10:00:00

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Self-pity often prevents us from getting God's liberty in different situations and problems. We feel sorry for ourselves when our plans and hopes are crashing. This condition can fuel us in holding a grudge against God and we unable to free ourselves from heaviness and pain. It is difficult for us to accept God's comfort because we are comforting ourselves. A paradox isn't it. But we are comforting ourselves by our own problem: pains, fears, an unfair attitude to ourselves. After all, we might need some compensating equivalent not necessarily sinful but one that is not from God. 

TJCII in Kiev: the initiative of repentance and reconciliation between Jews and non-Jews (photo)

Russian version

On May 1-5, for the first time on the territory of the former Soviet Union, in Kiev took place TJCII (Toward Jerusalem Council II) Forum - the International movement forum of reconciliation between Jews and non-Jews, and restoration of the Church.


The forum started on May 1 in Kiev and gathered together on one debating seminary platform leaders of Christian and Messianic movements, heads of Church Unions and Associations, bishops, pastors and rabbis, leaders of Christian and Messianic missions from Europe and the United States. A key point of the forum was the unity of different Christian confessions and denominations in their desire of reconciliation and ministering to the Jewish people.

TJCII forum attended Greek and Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Protestants, representatives of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, and, of course, Messianic Jews. In total, it were 105 people from 15 countries (Ukraine, USA, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, Spain, Norway, and Israel). Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) has performed as an organizer of the International Forum on the Ukrainian side.

The main purposes of this Christian leaders’ and ministers’ meeting were unification of Jewish and non-Jewish components of the Church; returning Jewish believers to their rightful place in Him; Church awareness and acknowledgement of the fact that the Jewish olive tree has provided roots for Christianity, and development in the course of this understanding and according to God's plan; unification of believers all over the world as one new nation of God. And also - promoting Jewish Messianic movement as a unique form of the development of Christianity in the course of God's plan in the new time.

During TJCII forum the ministers were delivering speeches, sharing experiences at special seminars and briefings, in small groups and forums. And also they just have enjoyed fellowship. Guests of the forum have experienced special things by visiting Erev Shabbat meeting and KJMC Shabbat service.

The lion’s share of the time at the forum was given to the work in small groups, communication and elaboration of practical skills. So for three days, the forum participants worked in groups on the themes:

  • New forms of reaching the Jewish people
  • New Generation
  • Theological seminar with representatives of different church denominations from different countries
  • Healing and reconciliation
  • Jewish dances and worship (KJMC experience)
  • Prayer and intercession
  • How to develop the work of TJCII?

In the words of European co-organizers of the forum, "according to a number of passages of the Scripture, “the one new man” brings us nearer to the coming of the Lord Yeshua in the glory and completion of His work of redemption in God's Kingdom. Therefore, the vision of our movement includes:

  • contributing to Church leaders' and theologians' awareness to restore the Jewish component in the Church (the Church of circumcision);
  • promoting Christians of the nations and Church repentance of sins against the Jewish people (especially for withholding to witness about Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) to the Jewish people);
  • promoting the intersession of all churches from the nations in the course of their refusal from different forms of the replacement theory regarding calling and choosing of Israel, as well as their awareness of the Jewish people’ place in the body of Messiah;
  • and also inspiration of the Jewish Messianic congregations around the world to enter the vision of reconciliation and restoration, thereby contributing to the unity of different streams and organizations of the Jewish Messianic Movement "- shared by the organizers.

Among the main speakers and participants were well-known in the Christian world ministry leaders and churches:

  • Missionaries, teachers - Rick and Betty Strombeck,
  • priest of the Catholic Diocese of Northampton, ex-executive secretary of the Society for Pentecostal Studies – Father Peter Hocken;
  • Johannes Fichtenbauer, head deacon of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna, President of ENC - European network of like-minded covenant communities;
  • Pastor of the Messianic congregation “Kehilat ha'she al Har Zion” («The Congregation of the Lamb on Mt. Zion") in Jerusalem - Benjamin Berger;
  • Archbishop - Lubomyr Husar

and many others.

Boris Grisenko, senior rabbi of KJMC: "The things that were spoken on this forum were a real step forward in discovering the essence of the Jewish restoration in last days and the importance of this ministry (which is still being strange for many people) for the whole Body of Messiah. As for the Russian-speaking area, this event will have a special significance in the future. And it is very joyful that this forum has shown a real living unity in diversity of representatives of different confessions and denominations, which is, first of all, pleasing our Lord. "

Michael Schubert, pastor of the Lutheran church in Dresden, Germany: "I love our Jewish brothers and sisters, because they are our older brothers, our roots, and we are the branches. I also believe that it is very important for the unity of the Church. It is very sad that there was a split in the history between Jews and non-Jews. Modern church just needs to overcome this division."

Rick and Betty Strombeck: "We support the Jewish Messianic ministry, particularly in Kiev. And our heart lies to the Jewish people. We came here to learn more about the Messianic movement: how it started and how it is developing now? We learn. And it was surprising to learn that today there are about 300,000 Messianic Jews in the world! It was interesting to realize that the Messianic movement determines the times. And I believe that it is a sign of the coming of the last days for all Christians.

Also, we would like to note that the sessions, which we have visited, were not only informative, but also very anointed. Deep, serious facts were presented very easily and interesting."

Lubomyr Husar, Archbishop, Primate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church: "I was pleased to hear collected, compiled information on how to search and how to understand the issues raised at the conference. Although I have not yet discovered anything really new for myself (I have a certain understanding of the Messianic movement), the things that were spoken here were very logical, understandable, interesting and useful. I heard it for the first time in such form.

It was interesting to learn something new on this forum, to learn something new about the Messianic Jewish movement, which has made in our time a step forward and spread throughout the world. And I hope that it will continue to grow...

It is important to look at this movement phenomenon through the eyes of a believer, because it precisely happens under the influence of the Holy Spirit."

Vladimir Gotsanyuk, Lviv Archdiocese UGCC: "People want to hear and know about this subject. They want to get answers to the questions to activate the dialogue between the churches, Jews and non-Jews, to hear about forms of work, and forms of ministry to the Jewish people. And that is why we came to this conference. This time for me has been fruitful and it was a good time. The time, when we together was able to see the development of the Messianic society in various aspects, namely, the ministry to children, youth and adults."

Reflections on TJCII consultation in Kiev Eugene Boyle

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