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Let's think about it on Pesah...

2019-04-16 11:22:36

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The Pesah holiday is referred to as "z'man heruteinu", "the time of our freedom". And that's exactly how it was: almost all of our people became the people of liberated slaves. But it must be remembered that many Egyptians, who were not slaves in Egypt, joined them.

Such Illogical Anti-Semitism

2019-04-08 11:07:00

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It is useless to prove to the anti-Semites that they are wrong. Listen to what Haman said (this is an image of all accusations against the Jews): "... There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples..." (Esth. 3:8) He accuses the Jews that they are not gathered in one place, they do not live separately, they are scattered among other nations. So if the Jews were gathered in one place, would Haman calmed down?

Run away from self-pity!

2019-03-27 10:00:00

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Self-pity often prevents us from getting God's liberty in different situations and problems. We feel sorry for ourselves when our plans and hopes are crashing. This condition can fuel us in holding a grudge against God and we unable to free ourselves from heaviness and pain. It is difficult for us to accept God's comfort because we are comforting ourselves. A paradox isn't it. But we are comforting ourselves by our own problem: pains, fears, an unfair attitude to ourselves. After all, we might need some compensating equivalent not necessarily sinful but one that is not from God. 

Jewish messianic youth together with Baptist youth

Russian version

Jewish messianic youth together with Baptist youth spent great time by making Pesach Seder


On Friday, April 19th the group of ministers from Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation spent messianic Seder for the Baptist youth. About 100 people from the youth ministry of Irpen Bible Church joined the Jewish Bible celebration of Pesach in Irpen (near Kiev, Ukraine).

 «The youth from Irpen Bible Church invited our congregation to make Pesach Seder in order to see how messianic Jews celebrate the Passover. For the first time we have made Seder in such a way. The youth prepared Seder plates and set the tables -, the organizer of Pesach meeting, the minister of KJMC, Andrei Merkulov told. Such a messianic Pesach feast was adored with great interest. The youth especially liked and participated in the Jewish dances and worship circles. “Vozle Neba” worship group together with “Lehaim” dance worship group praised God together with the youth from Irpen Bible Church that night. The youth was glad by that new they could hear and experience in their lives.”

There was a powerful presence of God in the end of the Seder. The minister of KJMC, Andrei Merkulov talked about the fine line between the earthly pleasure and the life according to the Bible commandments and the God’s Spirit. He also mentioned about Passover lessons for contemporary people, in particular for the youth.

The Seder lasted for three hours but everyone was present till the very end of it. The people were listening to every word with interest and took part in Pesach unity with great joy. 

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