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2018-07-16 11:48:00

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We can pray to simply bless Israel and the Jewish people. But, most likely, our prayers would be much more effective if we understood what God really wants from His people and expects from Israel today. Should we pray for peace in Israel? Yes, we should. The Bible says it clearly, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Psalm 122:6 NKJV). When we read "pray for the peace”, we understand it in the narrow sense, but the original definition is "shalom". Shalom means not only peace but also integrity, unity, harmony, fullness.

You are invited to the Spring KJMC Prayer Retreat (19.08 - 24.08.18)!

2018-07-16 09:00:00

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The Prayer Retreat organized by Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) will be held August 19-24, 2018 at Pushcha-Vodytsia near Kiev.


2018-06-29 10:47:00

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Every human on the Earth is individual in his thinking and self-consciousness. Each human is peculiar to have his own point of view, to make plans, to create living conditions around him, to choose a life view that he thinks is right and to build reasoning, approving one or another way of life. It is human nature to learn the world with all its laws and mysteries and to use them.

On June 1, 2014, KJMC believers had prayed for children and teenagers

There is a saying: “Children are the flowers of life”. But when children are raised with God, they are not only flowers of life, but also fruitful branches filled with the sap of life and light. In order for these branches to be grafted to the Vine, to grow healthy and beautiful, we should pray for them.


A special prayer for children and teenagers was held in Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation on June 1, 2014. Parents, children and teen ministers together with those they serve were praising God, dancing and praying for one another and for other children for several hours straight.

They prayed in different directions:

- for this summer to be the summer of the Lord’s favor for children and teens of the Congregation;

- for families, for God’s order in the families and in the Congregation as a spiritual family;

- for upswing and development of all KJMC children and teen ministries;

- for healing of sick children;

- for God to direct and strengthen children and teens in everything.

The prayer was held in the atmosphere of the powerful presence of God and inspiration. The teenagers prayed and interceded for their peers and the rising generation: “We will not give up praying for every single teenager and we will stand to the end, so that no temptation or hesitation could lead us astray…”

«We want our children, teenagers, their parents and teen ministers to pray together for development of these ministries and for strengthening the children in the Lord. The personal prayer is also important, but it is very powerful when we unite our efforts!» - shared KJMC teen minister Julia Polozova.

The next prayer for the new generation is going to be held in September of 2014.

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