The registration for KJMC winter prayer retreat is about to be over.

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We invite you to start 2018 drawing closer to the God’s heart at the KJMC Winter Prayer Retreat! We will together seek God’s face, strengthen spiritually and renew in prayer on January 3-8, 2018!

The KJMC Prayer Retreat is a place for informal fellowship with brothers and sisters and a time of gaining a new experience in Jewish messianic ministry!

Together with the speakers, we will see into the following topics:

  • What hinders and helps to bear fruits?
  • Spiritual War: Why?! Whom we fighting with?! How to fight?!
  • How to prevent stagnation and degradation and how to go out of it if it has already happened?
  • How to be saved by grace
  • Hannukah topic
  • Christmas topic
  • Super popular seminar "About THIS: the relationship between the sexes" :)
  • NEW - media seminar from the KJMC media ministry

And also - we will celebrate Shabbat together!

If you are longing for all this, you are very welcome!
* The registration is obligatory for all the participants of the retreat including those who arrange accommodation on their own.

January 3-8, 2018!

Address: Kvitka Cisyk str. (former Gamarnik str.) 54, Sports Complex “Puscha-Vodytsa”, Kiev, Puscha-Voditsa.

Dear brothers and sisters! The Retreat it is a time of fasting, but if you need to take a meal according to your health condition, contact us please by tel. +38 063 670 19 67
Contacts: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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