You are invited to seminars “Introduction to Messianic theology" by Boris Grisenko

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introdaction to mess teol bG

Dear chaverim! You may be confused by the word “theology” and think that this discipline is exclusively for theologians. But it’s not some theoretical science for the chosen ones. Messianic theology is alive; it’s still being formed as Messianic congregations get restored to life. It helps these congregations to enter the genuine plan God has for them. It’s according to this plan they come into existence, form and prospere.

The seminar will help us understand:

  • The essence of Messianic theology
  • Why its formation is so important for spiritual revival around the world, for Jews to get saved.
  • Messianic theology principles: in order to apply them in life and ministry to bear the greater fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Learn this and much more at the Boris Grisenko’s seminar “Introduction to Messianic theology”!

There will be live broadcast with English interpretation on January 29th and February 5th on the website, Youtube and Facebook page.

Address: 16-22, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St. "Kievproekt" (next to Teatralnaya metro station), 2nd floor, at 7:00 p.m. Kiev time


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