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Опубликовано в KJMC TV

Watch us live every saturday at 11:00 (EEST, UTC + 2 hours) Kiev time.

Due to technical problems, broadcast via our website will not be available for some time. You can watch us online via our YouTube channel: 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Also, please note that the video of our Shabbat service will be open on YouTube since Saturday night till Friday night 11:00 PM (Kiev time).

Shabbat Shalom!

  • Shalom Friends! Join us in shabat celebration! Watch online now!
  • Friends, we welcome you on our Shabbat service online broadcasting for the first time provided in English. If you are watching us now, we will be happy to see your comments. Also, please invite your friends and loved ones to participate in this wonderful celebration.
  • Thank you for making this available in English! Our love, hearts and prayers are with you here in USA!
  • Thank you Fred! This is Masha. We hope to see you soon here!!!
  • Shabat shalom to all our friends!!!
  • We welcome you to join our Shabbat celebration. Shabbat shalom to all our friends! May God bless you today!
  • Shalom, everyone! We welcome you to celebrate Shavuot Shabbat with us!!! Holy Spirit, come with Your fire, fill our hearts!!! We are waiting for You, Lord!
  • We are happy to invite you to celebrate Shabbat with us. Enjoy with us this wonderful day that God Himself has made!!!!
  • We apologize for technical problems at Shabbat broadcasting. Now everything should be ok!
  • Pozdravljaju translatory, sposibo za vashu rabotu cherez vas Bozje blogoslavneja rozprostranjajetca! :)*
  • ni nuzno apologize, uzje vsjo rabotajet, my uvazajem vashu rabotu
  • prisoyedinayemsa
  • Friends, welcome to Shabbat!!! We are happy to have you! We love you, bless you and wish you a real Shabbat SHALOM!!!
  • Come to join wonderful celebration of Gods Shabbat - the feast of joy and rest! The broadcast is on.
  • We welcome you, our dear friends, at our Shabbat service!!! Our Shabbat is always your Shabbat!!! You are always welcome to join us and drink this living waters that Holy Spirit generously provides us with. We love you from all our hearts!
  • шаббат шалом
  • Shabat shalom!!!
  • Our Shabbat service is in full spate. It is not too late to join us! We welcome you all!
  • Shalom to all!!!! :)
  • Shabbat Shalom, dear friends! We are happy that you are from the very morning with us. We will begin English broadcast of the Shabbat service in some minutes. Stay with us, please.
  • God bless Israel & KEMO !!! *** *** ***
  • Shabbat Shalom!
  • Shabbat shalom to all!
  • Шаббат шалом!
  • Агитен шабэс!!!
  • Шаббат шалом !!!!
  • Шаббат шалом, дорогие братья и сестры !!! Мир и любовь в ваши семьи!

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