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Watch us live every saturday at 11:00 (EEST, UTC + 2 hours) Kiev time.

Due to technical problems, broadcast via our website will not be available for some time. You can watch us online via our YouTube channel: 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Also, please note that the video of our Shabbat service will be open on YouTube since Saturday night till Friday night 11:00 PM (Kiev time).

Shabbat Shalom!

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0 # Ali Ozlati 27.05.2017 12:00
Shabbat shalom Daniel shterndak and Aleksander Vilka and every body love you brothers in Yeshua let's dance and rejoice shout and cry to the lord and proclaim God's glory in all the nations
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0 # Paschal Lambe 20.05.2017 12:29
Please, can you more pray for our family, and me, I need Holy Spirit and freedom..thank You Lord!
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0 # Paschal Lambe 20.05.2017 12:18
Shabbat shalom!! Thank you for pray!
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