Boris Grisenko: What has the Church lost by separating herself from Jewishness?

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We live in the time of restoration of the fallen tabernacle of David. David’s fallen tabernacle is, first the presence of God in its fullness among His people. God's ultimate goal is to restore or rather to set His presence in the midst of all mankind with the center in Jerusalem. But, when we are talking about restoration, it is clear that it is about the nation in which God's presence has been already wonderfully and completely revealed, but then something was lost.

The main sense is a restoration of God's full, completely revealed, shining and burning with love presence among the Jewish people. But, this can happen only through the restoration of the fallen tabernacle of David primarily in the Body of the Messiah of different nations.

For many centuries, this truth has been either lost or distorted. Because the Church rejected the true, clear and simple meaning of the Jewish Scriptures it has lost the depth and strength of God's revelation about the personal love of the God of Israel, first to His people, Israel, and then to all His children of all nations.

It is interesting that in the late Middle Ages Christian Churches actually owned the biggest part of the world. The Church was victorious, powerful, rich and martial. But, according to the calculations of theologians, in a whole generation of millions of Christians, at that time only about 50 people were saved. According to other data, only 20 people were saved, and some theologians (the most saint ones) believed that only 3 people were saved.

Do you understand how the separation from the Jewish roots and understanding of the Jewish Word eventually has struck understanding of God's Word, God Himself and perception of Him and His love?! How has everything just turned upside down?! Instead of being free from legalism and love, God’s law of the New Testament, the Church mainly learned to hate and live in fear. The result was an understanding of the world from the perspective of Greek philosophy where body and soul were always opposed to each other and where the physical world was perceived as illusion (by the way, almost all the teachers of the Church of the 2nd century were neo-Platonists); it was not important how people lived, but it was important how their souls lived and moved. This Platonic philosophy has grown and penetrated the teachings of the Church fathers so much that all the next generations of Christians in different countries took it as a part of God's Foundation, although it was against God. For many Christians, the Bible became “a textbook of new religion with Jewish names”.

But, now an amazing restoration of the Jewish understanding of the Jewish Scriptures is happening in the world. It is difficult to imagine what a part of the restoration we are and what a miracle is happening now in the Body of the Messiah! Acts 3:19-21 says that the Lord will not return until the restoration of the true meaning of the Jewish Scriptures will be accomplished:  “that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that he may send the Messiah, who has been appointed for you — even Jesus.  Heaven must receive Him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as He promised long ago through his holy prophets.”

The Church has lost much of the biblical meaning of the Bible and replaced it with human regulations in favor of circumstances, to please kings, emperors, and Greek and Roman notions of the ascendancy of the emperor and a strict system of subordination to the emperor.

It is interesting that in the Roman Empire the Church adjusted herself to the system of administration of the Empire. Even the appointment of bishops corresponded to the appointment of the emperor's magistrates.  Then the Church has complicated her structure even more although it is said in Scriptures: "All the children of God are a royal priesthood." This is what has been promised to Israel at the mount Sinai, but the people have rejected it and God had to divide Israel into the cohens, levites and others. But, in the New Testament the priesthood of the whole nation was restored.

So, gradually after separating herself from the Jewish roots and levelling the Jewish understanding, the Church was filled more and more with Greek philosophy and the Roman imperial system of government. Besides that, the Church has divided people into priests and the laity. Among the laity, were identified separate classes who ministered, but were not priests. There appeared six classes of priests.

The New Testament privilege for ALL GOD’S CHILDREN to be priests and to be called to reign in this life because we all represent the King of kings was lost. And this lost thing was crying for restoration.

We now see and participate in the restoration of what the historic Church has lost. An important part of this restoration is not only bringing Good News to Jewish people, but also a Jewish understanding to the Word of God.

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