BORIS GRISENKO: Why Are Difficulties Useful for Us?

Опубликовано в Our rabbi speaks


“We make our choice when God puts us into hard difficult life circumstances where we either give up or choose to follow God. If we choose God, the process of our renewal starts (2 Corinthians 4:16). But, when we don't make the right choice, God tests us with difficulties, hardships, and losses. These circumstances can repeat until we make the right choice.

It can be incredibly hard for us, but God comes out to us and helps everybody who has decided to follow Him by all means in every way.

We should always go God's way, even though today we don't see how we will continue doing it tomorrow. The deep sense of Yeshua's words is in this, isn’t it: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow.” (Matthew 6:34). Then God works a miracle!”

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