Do You Experience Sadness and Conviction From God or Satan?

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a light in the dark

Satan does it in a way that his accusations bring people to despair and hopelessness. There is a difference between Satan’s accusation and conviction of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts us to repent and become free.

Convictions of God's Spirit through sadness and repentance lead to joy and freedom. When the Holy Spirit convicts us, He always shows a way out. The accusation and condemnation of Satan locks us in an endless dead-end. Never believe the accusations which do not give you a way out! Do not try to please those whose mouths spew devil’s venom. Bless them, love them, pray for them, but do not listen to them and do not adjust yourself to them; otherwise, you will fall into their trap.

(с) Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of KJMC, from book "Purim".

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