Crack the shell!

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It is important that we crack the shell where the fire of God's love is hiding. His love has already poured out into our hearts! We don't have to pray over again to be born again. This fire is already in our hearts! But the shell of selfishness, individualism, self-obsession, fear of people, self-importance, godless isolation, complexes and misunderstanding of the issue "why do we live for?" - this shell puts out that fire.

We think God is possibly defending us...

But why that defence does not give us a real joy? Why that defence does not fill us with beatitude that has been promised in the Word?

Because the shell should be cracked. The love of God should join all perfect things given to us by God into the one. Without straight act of God's love, we will never reach glorious shalom with which we were called, individually with God but what is mandatory, in His 'shalomness' family.

© Boris Grisenko. The Winter Prayer Retreat 2017.

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