Boris Grisenko: "The Biblical Foundation of ministry to the Jewish People" (Part 1)

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bibleyskie prichinu slujeniya evreyam

Once, I made for myself a list of reasons of why people have an interest in Jewish Messianic ministry. This list has formed as a result of a gradual gathering of statistical information. Before we will address this issue according to the Bible, I would like to consider some items I have discovered over the last few years on why people often take part in the events which are about to something of 'Jewish-Messianic'.


People often can find themselves in an audience that is gathered to listen to something of the Jewish thing. Therefore, the first reason is mere chance.

People come along for the ride. This is a normal and natural reason.

A pastor or a bishop said, “It's necessary!”. It needs to say, that at present time this reason is quite rare.

People come out of a sense of curiosity. The Jewish topic remains quite 'exotic' for someone. I remember, when the Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation was born, people who looked for exotic things were falling among us. It can be said, feasibly this is one of the most “thankless” audiences (especially if these people are supposed to be a backbone of the congregation or a backbone of the Jewish ministry in a church).

This so-called 'Athenian syndrome'. This reason has something in common with the previous one but it's better to highlight it. Remember what is written in the book of Acts 17:21 (NKJV)? “For all the Athenians and the foreigners who were there spent their time in nothing else but either to tell or to hear some new thing.” In our time there are people primed to a kind of "trend" in Christianity. They are constantly seeking for something new; trying to understand: 'What's the point?'. Ta da! The Jewish ministry, that's a new one and... okay, here we go...

Recently Christian TV channels have started to broadcast more and more materials about Israel. It is not a bad thing in itself, is it? Actually, it's good! Therefore, as people begin to realize that the Jewish New Covenant ministry is related to Israel, of course it can be a reason too.

“I've argued with someone recently about the Jewish people…”, “… I've lately read on this (Jewish) topic and I had a question …” these are the following reasons.

“Actually, I've become interested in Jewish topic but there is a lot of confusion and I need clarity”. That's why I want to highlight three sub-items:

“I've heard and read a lot of negative things about Jewish people. I like Jewish jokes, I want to understand, where is the truth, where is fiction, what are jokes and what is for real”.

“I've read the Bible, and there were some questions”. Well, this is a powerful reason, indeed!

Personal meetings with Jews, Messianic Jews, some personal contacts or possibly even conflicts. That is something personal on this topic; for instance “My mother-in-law attends a Jewish Messianic congregation. I'd like to understand whether or not she is a Christian?”, or something else for that matter.

Boris Grisenko. The materials from the Pastors retreat, 2015 

Boris Grisenko: "The Biblical Foundation of ministry to the Jewish People" (Part 2)

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