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We can pray simply to bless Israel and the Jewish people. But, most likely, our prayers would be much more effective if we understood what God really wants from His people and what He expects from Israel today. Should we pray for peace in Israel? Yes, we should. The Bible clearly says it, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Psalm 122:6 NKJV). When we read "pray for the peace”, we understand it in the narrow sense, but the original definition is "shalom." "Shalom" means not only peace but also integrity, unity, harmony, fullness.

All of this can happen only when Israel will truly unite with her God and will trust Yeshua, the King a descendant of David. And also, when Israel will recognize her role as a servant for the nations, and the Church from all the nations will play her sisterly role toward Israel.

Therefore, when we pray for peace in Israel, it is better for us to pray for shalom in all of its meanings. Then we will pray not only for the salvation of the Jewish people and for their openness to God and the Messiah, but also for their openness toward believers from the nations. Then we will pray for the churches in the nations to open their hearts toward Israel.

To bless Israel means also to pray for those who resist toward Israel or indifferent. There is no other country in the world which is now under such a specific siege. Apparently, this is a restoration (Praise God!) but ultimately, there is no peace.

Another important (and sad) point - there is no deep revelation of prayer for Israel among the churches in Ukraine, except for a few.
I think as the importance of constant and deep prayer for the Jewish people and Israel will be revealing to the senior ministers of many churches and denominations. Among other things, it will lead to the unity in the Body of Messiah based on the Word of God.

According to the Epistle of the Ephesians, this revelation about the Jewish remnant, about the believers from the nations who are joining God's Israel and around the Jewish core that believes in the Lord.
The factor of connection and restoration of the unity and fullness of the body of the Lord is the factor of the world's awakening that is to come.

© Boris Grisenko // from an interview with Sergey Demidovich

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