Israel: A falling away from God. Forever?

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shofar 12 11

Friends, it's critical to understand and clearly realize that the falling away of Israel from God happens only until THE APPOINTED TIME. Rest assured, says Apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Romans chapter 11, it's not forever. 

Those Сhristian theologians, church leaders, no matter how great they are, no matter how many gifts, honor and results they have, if they teach that a falling away of Israel is forever, they are all false teachers! In doing so they rebel, and they try to disprove the truth of the Word of God.

If God isn't faithful to His people then we cannot be sure in the faithfulness of God at all! If we agree that God supposedly canceled hundreds of His prophecies just to please anti-Semites, then we cannot be sure in His faithfulness to us."

© Boris Grisenko, KJMC, The Summer Prayer Retreat, 2017.

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