Run away from self-pity!

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Add a headingSelf-pity often prevents us from getting God's liberty in different situations and problems. We feel sorry for ourselves when our plans and hopes are crashing. This condition can fuel us in holding a grudge against God and we unable to free ourselves from heaviness and pain. It is difficult for us to accept God's comfort because we are comforting ourselves. A paradox isn't it. But we are comforting ourselves by our own problem: pains, fears, an unfair attitude to ourselves. After all, we might need some compensating equivalent not necessarily sinful but one that is not from God. 

Therefore, it's so important to watch your heart! If you feel sorry for yourself - don't be taken up with that, ask for help, speak about your feelings, ask for your support. Go to people who can tell you the truth rather than be pitiful to you in your self-pity. It only exacerbates the issue.

But healthy spiritual help will be as a pit-stop for a brand new start. Ask for help but get ready to hear the truth.

Remember, if we feel sorry for ourselves we are running away from God's comfort.

© Andrey Lugovsky, Elder of KJMC // The Winter Prayer Retreat of KJMC

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