9 Ways to Effectively Pray For Your Husband

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Lyubov Antonovich, wife of Anton Antonovich - messianic rabbi and missionary, shared her valuable insights at the KJMC retreat about how to pray for your husband when you quarrel or when your relationship is strained.

Lyubov shared 9 ways to effectively pray for your husband:

  1. Lord, change me! – A wife asks God to change her attitude toward her husband and to purify her heart
  2. Lord, forgive me for the way I respond to him
  3. Lord, help me to forgive him (Mark 11:24; Mathew 5:24)
  4. Lord, help me to comfort those who made me suffer (2 Corinthians 2:5,7);
  5. Lord, give me strength to pray for those who made me suffer (Mathew 5:44) – Do nothing out of revenge and do not pray for revenge
  6. Lord, help me to love! – No prayer will be effective without God’s love in us
  7. Lord, help us to pray together
  8. Lord, call other people to pray for my husband and me
  9. Lord, break the bondage holding the victim 

“There is no point in forgiving just for the sake of appearence or to pray for your husband only because God commanded you to do so. Such insincere prayers only alienate us from real reconciliation and forgiveness. A sincere prayer will result in changed hearts for you and your spouse. Hearts can be purified by the Holy Spirit through a powerful prayer for your husband,” Lyubov Antonovich shared.

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