Boris Grisenko: We call everybody not to stay aside and be silent spectators

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International prayer against anti-Semitism and Nazism is coming soon. It will be held on April 13-15. Senior rabbi of KJMC Boris Grisenko invites believers from all around the world to join the common spiritual warfare against these spirits and explains why is it so important:

«Chaverim, if you are keeping up with the news, then as I think you do not need to be convinced that the prayer against anti-Semitism, xenophobia, Nazism is more relevant in our time than in all previous years. Because what is going on around the world and in our country as well, calls for unpleasant associations.

I think that in the present situation all normal believers of the New Testament have to stand up. Of course, if they are able to and if they are not bedridden to stand up and join the voices in this crucial prayer. Because this is an ancient spirit of rejection of God's people, spirit of rejection of God's plan, spirit of rejection of God's choice. And after all, this is the same spirit that Nikolay Berdiaev, the great Russian Christian philosopher of the first half of the 20th century, called a 'hidden anti-Christianity'. In other words, this is an implicit spirit of the Antichrist.

This spirit must be stopped if it is not defeated! In all countries, in all places where the Lord has given us at least a certain spiritual authority, we have to take it.

Therefore, we urge you, friends, not to be silent, not to remain indifferent, not to remain just an onlooker but to lift up your prayers towards the King of Israel, who is to come, the Son of David, the Lion of the tribe of Yehuda, and we know perfectly from the Scriptures, the One who does not reconcile to such unclean and hostile spirits of darkness!

And we rejoice beforehand for everyone who, on this special day, together with thousands of other ministers, believers from different countries, will destroy the enemy's plan, so that plan of God to prevail! Thank you very much. May the grace of God really fill you and your loved ones, your congregations, churches, in everything.

About the prayer

The International prayer against anti-Semitism and Nazism has been held since 2010. This event unites all who believe in God's word about the Jewish people and salvation of the whole world and who also desire blessing for their land and people. Every spring, on the Purim season, we come together for a common annual prayer. Throughout the year, prayers are held in various cities of Ukraine and Europe.

The believers of different denominations from 33 countries have been participated in this event during the last seven years. The believers from 150 churches and 49 cities of various countries have prayed against anti-Semitism in one accord.


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