Such Illogical Anti-Semitism

Опубликовано в Purim


It is useless to prove to the anti-Semites that they are wrong. Listen to what Haman said (this is an image of all accusations against the Jews): "... There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the peoples..." (Esth. 3:8) He accuses the Jews that they are not gathered in one place, they do not live separately, they are scattered among other nations. So if the Jews were gathered in one place, would Haman calmed down?

But then he says: 
"... and their laws are diverse from all the peoples; neither keep they the king's laws... " (same passage)
Now he accuses the Jews of being separated from the other nations.

Haman had just accused them of not living separately, but the next accusation is turning around - they are special, they are not alike to the other nations.

It is impossible to please the anti-Semites. They make opposite demands, they lock up the Jews between conflicting accusations.

The Jewish magazine of the end of XIX century "Voskhod" (Sunrise) says:
"When you hear that the anti-Semites accuse you that you do not engage in the Russian people's life, that you live insulated life, do not trust them in a hurry, do not rush to think that they are genuinely dissatisfied with it. For if the Jews begin to take an active hand in the Russian people's life, immediately the anti-Semites raise the cry: "They're creeping into everything, they're everywhere!"

Here goes a modern interpretation: "Jews on TV, in banks, theaters, movies, shops, they take part in our lives everywhere! We want them out, we don't want them in our lives." But they just accused the same Jews in their insulated life, that they do not take part in nationwide creative work. It is impossible to please they who speak on behalf of Satan.

* From the book "Purim" by Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of KJMC.

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