BORIS GRISENKO: Are you on the way to Shavuot?

Опубликовано в Shavuot


Our aim is to enter the new Shavuot. What does it mean? It means that we need a new encounter with God! Encounter with Him on a new level, on a new height. It means that we need a new revelation of His will and His Word. We need a new outpouring of His Spirit. It is necessary that His fire flame up in us in a new way.

All this is real, because He wants it more than us.

For our coming in the new Shavuot, it is important to recall what was in common before the first Shavuot and Shavuot of the New Covenant?

God should have brought His people into unity in both cases.Initially the whole Israel and then 120 disciples on Zion. Only when they had been prepared and were in one accord in their striving to God, only then God revealed Himself. He revealed Himself to Israel, who was still a fleshly one, and to Israel who already became spiritual.

The first revelation of God was the revelation of the Almighty King. It was for those for whom the God’s fear was the main motivation. It was the preliminary revelation.

In the second case, it was such a deep and full revelation that we cannot surpass it, but we can join it and grow up in it.

After 1,5 thousand years, if we eager the new Shavuot, we have to renew and to open our hearts not only towards God, but to one another as well.

We should understand, it won’t happen without a sacrifice not only to God but also to one another. God has created us different and He values the personality of each of us. However, He wants every personality to bless the whole God’s family. When it happens, the whole God’s family can bless every personality in fulness. This is real! A New Covenant family, in which Shabbat can be a permanent condition, is able to keep and develop this unity forever.

Let us celebrate our opportunities in the Holy Spirit and let us not be embarrassed by any difficulties. Because for us any difficulties, any obstacles or restraints are just methods to reveal God's victory from within us!

(c) Boris Grisenko 

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